How Can I Prepare Bedroom For Summer

How Can I Prepare Bedroom For Summer

Bedroom For Summer

With the temperature rising high and the air getting warmer, summers hit us all and affect our daily activities like going out, enjoying our favorite activities and even having a Comfortable Sleep. Indoors are also not exempted, as the heat makes our house hot as well and sleeping in an extra warm bedroom leads to sweating and tossing and turning to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in a high temperature. We all try different solutions to keep our bedroom as cool as possible in the scorching heat but some of these tips work while the others may not.

For that, we have listed some of the tried-and-tested tips that might help you to prepare your bedroom to sleep comfortably in summer. All you have to do is make a few little adjustments and you're ready to go.

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SOME GREENS FOR YOUR ROOM: Plants are well known for their capacity to control temperature and balance the atmosphere by converting hot and humid air into fresh and cool air. Adding some indoor plants to your house and bedroom can be beneficial to you and your family. Indoor plants act as natural coolants, naturally lower temperatures, increase oxygen levels, improve indoor air quality and help you to sleep cool and comfortable, even in hot summers.

Green Summer Bedroom

Indoor plants are much simpler to care for and need less time and effort on your part. Some indoor plants require just occasional watering and may not require direct sunshine. But keeping plants inside your bedroom improves positivity, boosts your mood, and decreases stress, anxiety, and depression while also adding to your room's aesthetic value. 

KEEP THE WINDOWS CLOSED: Keeping your window open on summer days when the sun is at its highest and warmest might convert your room into a heated space. SO, keep your windows securely closed and draped during the day to keep outside heat out and your room cool.

When it's colder outside, though, keep them open in the evenings and at night so that cool evening air can enter your Bedroom and hot air can escape. It’s also a good idea to keep your windows open early in the morning to allow cold, fresh air into your room.

Summer Bedroom Curtains

ADD HEAVY CURTAINS OR BLINDS: Windows are the most crucial feature of your home because they enable air and sunlight to enter while also maintaining ventilation. It also helps to keep your room free of humidity in humid weather and keeps the cold out in the winter.

Curtains are necessary to regulate heat and cold air, however, in the summer, the windows must be covered with heavy and thick curtains or blinds. If you have light curtains on your windows in the summer, you should change them since they just offer an aesthetic value to your room and do not prevent heat and hot air from entering.

COOL LIGHTING: You've certainly observed that larger, more energy-intensive light bulbs emit more heat, which can raise the temperature of your bedroom in the summer. Using LED or fluorescent lights, on the other hand, is a better alternative because they consume less energy and create less heat.

Cool Lightning

They're also more energy-efficient, so you'll save money on your electricity bills. Also, keeps those lights away from the bed and instead use low lights near your bed. If you can't replace those excessively bright bulbs with LEDs, turn off the lights during the day whenever feasible.

COTTON LINENS AND BEDDINGS: Bedding and bed sheets play a crucial role to keep your bed in the Right Sleeping Conditions. And the type of fabric you use should be considered during a different season. For example, in winter thick and warm textiles help to keep you warm throughout the night. However, in summer you need to ditch all those heavy and thick materials and use cotton bed sheets and bedding.

Cotton Linens Bedroom

While sleeping in the summer, we sweat more and generate more body heat, which the bed linens and bedding absorb, keeping your bed hot and toasty. So for the hot season, you need to cover your bed with a fabric that stays cool in summer, like cotton. Cotton is a naturally cool and breathable fabric that promotes better airflow and increases breathability and absorbs perspiration during the night, and you sleep cool and comfortable throughout the hot and humid summers. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, meaning it won't irritate your skin or trigger allergic responses.

APPROPRIATE VENTILATION: Ventilation of your home and more specifically your bedroom is very important because while you sleep at night with doors and windows closed the fresh air slowly fades away leaving unhealthy and stale air with very little oxygen in the air. So, focus on appropriate ventilation by keeping your window open in the evening to let fresh air into your room and adding some plants to your bedroom.

Window Ventilation

Also, while cooking dinner the house gets warmer with your stone on, so to avoid that add an exhaust fan that can divert the hot air outside your home.

UPGRADE YOUR MATTRESS: Mattresses are the most crucial component of a restful night's sleep. However, in the summer, some badly constructed mattresses become extremely hot, absorbing and retaining the heat. Which happens due to the lack of airflow and ventilation in mattress. As a result, getting a decent night's sleep in the summer is much more difficult. The lack of ventilation and airflow isn’t just a problem for summers but for every season.

Upgrade Mattress

So, you should upgrade your mattress, which has proper ventilation and airflow and doesn’t disrupt breathability while you sleep. For that, we have come up with a solution which is Springfit Mattress. These Mattresses are meant to deliver comfort throughout the year, and they do it by using high-tech advanced Aero Sleep Technology. Springfit mattresses are highly ventilated thanks to this technology, which reduces heat absorption and trapping while increasing airflow and breathability, allowing you to sleep comfortably without breaking a sweat even in this hot weather.

Keeping your room cool is necessary for a good sleep but what is more important to beat the heat is keeping yourself cool from the inside. Because if your body doesn’t feel calm or cool sleeping peacefully will be difficult. So, there are some tips to keep you cool :

Drink more water to stay hydrated: During summer our body produces more sweat to cool off naturally, leading to a lack of water in the body and dehydration. So it is important for us to drink more water, juices and light drinks like coconut water, lemon tea, drinks made with curd, Jal-Jeera, lemonade, mango drinks, etc., which can help our body to hydrate and cool down fast.

Eat easily digestible and light food: Digesting a heavy meal requires a lot of energy and this usage of energy might cause your body temperature to rise. So instead of eating large and heavy meals try eating light and easily digestible food in little portions throughout the day. You may also consume seasonal watery fruits like watermelon, coconut, and cucumber in summer. These fruits are easily digested and have a lot of water in them which helps to maintain the water requirements of your body.

Take a bath or shower before going to bed: Summer heat is unbearable, and having a refreshing bath provides immediate relief from the oppressive heat. It also aids in lowering body temperature by a few degrees. In the summer, taking a bath or shower before bed can also help you get a pleasant and comfortable night's sleep.

Opt for light and comfortable clothing: Wear light and comfortable clothes made of summer-appropriate fabrics like cotton in the summer, instead of heavy fabrics regardless of how stylish and fashion-forward they are. Cotton is the most popular fabric because it is soft, light, and breathable. It absorbs sweat, allowing heat to escape the body and keeping you cool. Apart from cotton, you can also choose Linen, Khadi, Rayon and silk for summers.

Avoid going in the sun/ take an umbrella when going out: In the summer, it's instinctive to stay out of the sun as much as possible. But when you do go out, make sure you are appropriately dressed, have an umbrella with you, or are protected from direct sunlight.

Summer heat can be exhausting, and many struggles to do even the most basic tasks such as going out and sleeping in their rooms. There are however many solutions that we can try to make summer bearable while being healthy, hydrated, cool, and getting enough sleep. You won't need a lot of money or make huge adjustments to make your summers easier and happier. Instead, make small changes to your lifestyle and bedroom, such as altering the textiles you use in the summer for your bed or for yourself, learning how to keep summer heat out of your home, and how well you take care of yourself.