Posted by jatinder rana

In ancient times, battles were fought during the day time and at night soldiers used to take rest.

Activities during the day and night were clearly defined. After sunset, the only activity people were left to do was to sleep.

Day and night work schedules got blurred with the invention of electricity, and more recently the  internet. Often a good night’s sleep has been traded with work, play, or watching movies. Apart from lifestyle changes there are factors like too much of peer, family, and institutional pressure; as a result people are suffering from chronic sleep disorders.


Often people overlook the symptoms of chronic sleep disorders. Symptoms could be classified into physical, mental and emotional.The physical disorder involves fatigue and tiredness, weight loss and even it leads to indigestion. Mentally and emotionally, it affects the person to a great extent. One who is suffering from the sleep  disorder often lacks in concentration, irritability, and depression. Some of the severe symptoms are heart problems, high blood pressure and it could even lead to a stroke.

Therefore, one shouldn’t ignore the chronic sleep disorder. All it requires is to change the lifestyle, dedicate time for good six hours of sleep. Apart from keeping aside the remote and mobile phone away from the bed, change the mattress to suit your body. The mattress plays a decisive role in attaining a peaceful sleep every night.


Springfit Mattresses often proves to be helpful in solving the sleep disorder. It often provides adequate relief on pressure points and its aero sleep technology helps in maintaining comfort and uniform temperature.So it’s time to bid goodbye to the sleep deficiency and have a peaceful sleep every night.