Posted by jatinder rana

A goodnight's sleep is one of the greatest gifts to any living being. Now, you can even gift yourself a peaceful sleep, every night. Yes, you aren’t dreaming, you are reading these lines in a full state of alertness. Please continue to read, don’t start thinking that it’s not your cup of tea. Yes, you can enjoy a good sleep just by altering a few of your habits. Surely you are eager to get the blissful gift so let’s make some changes in the daily chores.

Early to bed, early to rise sounds great. But it is a daunting task to achieve it every day. So set your sleeping time as per your work schedule. All you need to do is to maintain that schedule every day. After a while your body gets used to the schedule and your body clock will behave in the same way.

Reduce the intake of caffeine and finish your caffeine dose during the day time. The benefits of no caffeine are many and one of the foremost advantages is good sleep and rejuvenated morning. Refrain yourself from watching television, playing video games, or talking over the phone during your sleeping time. Give some rest to your senses before you go to sleep.

Maintain a gap between your dinner and sleep time. Sleeping immediately after having dinner causes indigestion and it can hamper your sleep. Make sure you have curtains that blocks lights. Dark and cool room induce sleep faster.

It is needless to say that you keep your bedroom clean and clutter free. Clean bedding and correct mattress ensure that you have good sleep throughout the night.The habit of good sleep makes you healthy, happy, and energetic throughout your life.