Elegant designs and craftsmanship that shows Royalty

A good mattress bed base can make all the difference to your sleep comfort. Pairing your new Springfit mattress with a good bed base ensures you will get the maximum benefits in terms of comfort and longevity of your mattress. The bed base is the foundation for your mattress, there is nothing else holding your mattress up.

Designed for unparalleled comfort and softness, the Springfit Bed Base collection is centered around the concept of beautiful dreams. From its gently curving shape to ultra-soft material and textures, it invites you to float into sleep and then step into the most soothing dreams. A designer touch of leather or fabric further enhances the appeal of this collection, making it the bed of your dreams.

Spring’s bed bases are strong and stable as they are made under the supervision of highly experienced and skilled carpenters. They make sure that bed goes through rigorous quality check so there is no movements, no squeaking sounds and they last forever will their beautiful, elegant designs and craftsmanship.

At Springfit, we use the most premium quality material that goes along with your beautiful Springfit Mattress as it helps in extending life while looking beautiful all the time. Springfit bed base also saves you from bed bugs, dust mites and house pests. Kids can play on them as well as youngs can become kids sometimes. Designed with perfection and research giving you adequate support if you have a mattress that needs to be flip and turned adding extra storage with side sliding drawers.