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Are you tired of tossing, turning and disturbing your partner? This mattress is just for you. Autograph Pulse is a premium euro top mattress with multiple comfort layers include memory foam, pin core sliced latex to improve the breathability of the mattress and pocketed springs to maintain ultimate comfort. The viscose fabric on the top which is best suited for human skin and anti-skid organic cotton fabric at the bottom. Most importantly, it offers individual support and comfort which gives you and your partner plenty of space and sleep. We have various sizes available from king size, queen size, single size mattress and we can also customize mattress as per our customer’s specifications. You can buy our mattress online directly from our website.


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The NASA approved memory foam layer makes the body freely float on the mattress. This helps in improving blood circulation in the body. Also, due to its low bounce back properties, this foam does not put any pressure on our body pressure points.

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This foam keeps you warm during winters and cool during the summers. Latex foam is known as the most durable foam, which provides the ultimate comfort and lets you sleep in the lap of true luxury.

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No more struggling with your bed, thanks to our new and improved product, which lets you just lie down and get into a deep slumber. This unique no flip property helps you to sleep a stress-free and easy.



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India's only mattress dedicated to ensuring stress-free sleep, you will find that our relationship does not end with the sale of a mattress, instead, it is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship with you. Our warranty is another gesture in ensuring a stress-free relationship with your mattress selection.


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The company with the standards of I.S.O. 9001- 2000 Certification believe making your sleep totally comfortable, the way you dream it to be. All our mattresses undergo through a multi-stage quality check. Our experts with more than 40 years of experience have created #worldcollection with the perfect balance of beauty and innovation.

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Autograph Pulse Mattress

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  • Can I get the Autograph Play or Pulse mattress customized in 5 or 6 inch thickness... instead of its 7 inch thickness?! Wanted a 72×72 size in either Autograph Play or Pulse with 5 or 6 inch thickness, for my parents. Since 7 inch thickness would be too much for them.

    Yes we can customise the mattress as per your need, please share your contact or write us at

  • Which is better-play or pulse or prive

    It's a very great question.

    The major differences between all three models is the level of firmness and that happens due to mixing different comfort layers present inside the mattress and the other difference is the quality materials used to make these mattresses that differ them from rest of the crowd. Springfit's Autograph series is one of the flagship range of company that proves to be luxurious mattresses with a promise of comfort and sound sleep. These mattresses also have some similarities like Springfit’s Aero Sleep Technology which help to regulate the air flow in a mattress. This include using open cell HR foams and memory, natural latex and fabrics that lets air pass and many other change to regulate the temperature when you sleep. To know more aboput Aero Sleep Technology visit link.   Let’s talk about Autograph Pulse. First of all, it is a non-flip mattress so you don’t have to do hassle after 3 months to flip it, with viscose fabric on top this is one of the best fabrics to touch and feel. You will fall in love with the comfort of fabric. This mattress has a support layer of a pocket coil spring, topped with latex and them memory foam, and beneath is the organic anti-skid fabric that stops the moment of the mattress. It comes in 7 inches and 9 inches’ thickness and you can get a custom size and shape. It is regular firm mattress and stand 5 out of 10 in firmness rating. Autograph Prive has a beautiful pillow top design with high gsm, melange fabric. It’s a non-flip so you don’t have to do hassle after 3 months to flip it. Based support for this mattress is Springfit’s support with has Rebonded foam top with comfort layers including latex, memory foam, high resilience HR foam. In the bottom we have organic anti-skid fabric that stops the moment of the mattress. It comes in 7 inches and 9 inches’ thickness and you can get a custom size and shape This mattress stands number 6 out of 10 in firmness level. Lastly let’s finish it up with Autograph Play mattress. This mattress has a base of Springfit’s Stronger and long lasting rebonded foam base. This is a non-flip mattress. Above the base is natural latex topped with memory foam. This mattress also stands at 6 of out 10 in firmness rating. Covered with beautiful viscose fabric and in bottom it has antiskid organic fabric. All the autograph mattresses come in beautiful colors as everyone likes colors so we added them to the mattress to go along with your style and the ambience, along with maintaining the subtle presence of luxuries and comfort from the best mattress ever build To know more about product visit. It totally depends on individual when it come to choosing the mattress. You can locate the near exclusive store near you area through this link
    You can try the feel and comfort of the mattress and make the correct decision. all the mattres come in medium level firmness that is adequate to keep you body align and comfort or call on hotline number to schedule appoinment with the store.

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