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Contribute Sleep to People in Need

In collaboration with Goonj Foundation, SpringFit has started the initiative #LetsGiveSleep, that gives
you the platform to help people in need across India with restful night of sleep.



Karo Badlaav Ki Ek Nayi Shuruaat

Be a part of this great initiative in helping someone to sleep better.

This initiative was formulated with the agenda of helping people in need who sleep on streets, pavements, railway platforms, temples, pipelines, and other open spaces.


Imagine the comfort you’ll be providing to the little blossoms of the street by this Contribution.

India has 1.77 million people who do not have place to sleep and Delhi leading the table with 125,000 persons across the city, this is a call for help of the people who are constantly suffering to sleep peacefully every night.


Let’s extend our helping hand to people in need by giving something precious, a sound sleep.

How it Works

A simplified way to make your help reach out to people who are in desperate need of restful sleep.

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