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Club Class Grande Mattress

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The Club Class Grande brings together the finest quality pocketed springs and a thick layer of pressure relieving temperature sensitive memory foam and latex. The thick top layer of memory foam responds to body temperature and molds as per body contours by creating an individually tailored surface for optimum support and comfort. Later it returns to its original shape, therefore eliminating the need to flip the mattress. The latex foam underneath the memory foam provides adequate resilience and maintains premium feeling and comfort. Covered with the most beautiful and comfortable Belgium Velour fabric which will make you never leave your bed. We have various sizes available from king size, queen size, single size mattress and we can also customize mattress as per our customer’s specifications. You can buy our mattress online directly from our website.


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The NASA approved memory foam layer makes the body freely float on the mattress. This helps in improving blood circulation in the body. Also, due to its low bounce back properties, this foam does not put any pressure on our body pressure points.

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This foam keeps you warm during winters and cool during the summers. Latex foam is known as the most durable foam, which provides the ultimate comfort and lets you sleep in the lap of true luxury.

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No more struggling with your bed, thanks to our new and improved product, which lets you just lie down and get into a deep slumber. This unique no flip property helps you to sleep a stress-free and easy.



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India's only mattress dedicated to ensuring stress-free sleep, you will find that our relationship does not end with the sale of a mattress, instead, it is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship with you. Our warranty is another gesture in ensuring a stress-free relationship with your mattress selection.


Years Experience

The company with the standards of I.S.O. 9001- 2000 Certification believe making your sleep totally comfortable, the way you dream it to be. All our mattresses undergo through a multi-stage quality check. Our experts with more than 40 years of experience have created #worldcollection with the perfect balance of beauty and innovation.

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Club Class Grande Mattress

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  • Is this mattress ideal for home use also?

    these products are all made for the home use only.

  • How much is the layer of memory foam in this mattress?

    There is total of 50mm of memory foam in this mattress of 70 Density, there is anything else i can help you for?

  • What is the difference between 6 inch and 8 inch club class grande mattress, in terms of measurement of different layers inside the mattress.

    According to inches of foam sizes would be increase.Layers inside the mattress i.e foam inches also increase.
    For more details visite our website.https://springfitmattress.com

  • Are these memory and latex foam safe and free of hazardous chemicals like lead, PCB etc? Is there any third party certification done?

    Hello, Springfit does not use traditional memory foams in their mattresses due to the reason that traditional memory foam has too many formaldehyde and VOCs that are present in the products and in the chemicals off-gassing from the products.Our Aero Sleep Memory foam has open cell structure that releases all the off-gassing within few hours of mattress unpacking and left to an airy room. Latex foams have become a great way to get a comfortable sleep similar to a memory foam or polyurethane foam.​ We use both natural latex and blended as well, depends if the customer is willing to pay high prices for natural latex. Latex allergies occur in less than 1% of the general population. It does not seem likely that sleeping on a latex mattress would cause a latex allergy. As the matter of fact is that latex and memory foam are usually an inner layer of the mattress and there is no direct exposure. Most of the studies done to show adverse effects have been of the raw materials being manufactured and not in the finished product of the memory foam and latex itself. Springfit has its own world class foam manufacturing unit which is well managed under strict company standards and guidelines therefore our foams are tested inhouse and not by third party so that product formulas are protected and other manufacturers don't get our secret formulas and copy our products.  

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