Best & Worst Positions for a Healthy Sleep

Best And Worst Positions For A Healthy Sleep

Sleep Positions

Sleeping is not as simple as it seems. Sleeping a lot or sleeping less both can mess up with your health in a lot of unexpected ways which many of you may not be aware of. Even if you are getting the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep, you still not be getting a healthy sleep because of your sleeping position.

Your most loved snooze-off pose could give you a lot of health and skin problems like back or neck pain, wrinkled skin, tummy problems etc. Orthopedic Mattress Normally, the best sleeping position is the one which allows you to have the deepest sleep.

So, let’s discover some best and worst sleeping positions for a healthy slumber:


Sleeping on the back is considered as the best sleeping position because of the following reasons.

  1. This position is best for your neck and spine because in this position your back remains straight and your body maintains a neutral posture.
  2. Also, your spine gets full mattress support which prevents any kind of neck and spine pain.
  3. Sleeping on the back also keeps your skin healthy and prevents any kind of wrinkles, as while sleeping your face will not be pushed against the pillow.
  4. It also reduces tummy problems and prevents acidity as your head will be elevated above your stomach. 

Sleeping on the back is not recommended for the people who have snoring problem as this position may make you snore more. For this, doctors usually recommend sleeping on your side.


Sleeping sideways is also a good sleeping position. It is considered the best sleeping position during pregnancy. Sleeping on your side helps in: 

  1. Reduces snoring by stretching your spine.
  2. It is the most recommended position during pregnancy as sleeping on the left side is ideal for blood flow in your body.
  3. Sleeping sideways reduces acid reflux and prevent tummy troubles.

Sleeping sideways can also have some side effects like it may be bad for your facial skin and breasts, as sleeping for long hours on one side can push your skin against the pillow which may increase the risk for wrinkles and side sleeping may also lead to breasts sagging.


Snoozing in a tight fetal position is not a great idea. When you sleep with your knees folded or bent for a long time it can increase the risk for arthritic pain and it is also bad for your neck and back posture.

This position will also increase the risk of premature wrinkles on your skin as sleeping in fetal position may put too much stress on your face and breasts.


Stomach sleeping is considered as the worst position from all. This position can adversely affect your body posture and health: 

  1. In this position, your body finds it difficult to maintain a neutral spine position which may result in frequent back and neck pain.
  2. Your muscles and joints bear extra pressure which may result in nerve tingling, joint pain, and numbness.
  3. Due to incorrect head position for long hours you may suffer from a headache every morning.

If you snore a lot during sleep then this sleeping position may be good for you as it will prevent snoring otherwise sleeping on your stomach may not be a good idea for a healthy sleep.

Trying new sleeping positions will not do any harm, so feel free to experiment different sleeping positions for few nights and see which one is the most comfortable for you. After all being comfortable is important for a healthy and sweet nap.