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  • Springfit to Produce & Donate 2 Lakh Face Masks amid COVID-19 Pandemic

    Posted by Ashish Gupta



    Springfit mattress is producing & donating 2 lakh face masks to support healthcare & other essential service workers across the country who are at the frontline battle against the COVID-19 global pandemic.

    The company announced that the first batch of production has already begun with the aim of manufacturing 2,00,000 face masks from its Coimbatore Factory, and will start donating soon to anyone who needs them, with the priority given to those who work in the medical or essential services.

     Our thoughts and prayers are with the ones suffering from this pandemic and with the...

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  • Different type of Mattresses & their Benefits

    Posted by Ashish Gupta

    Mattress and their Benefits - Springfit Mattress

    Sleep matter a lot! If you don’t have a mattress comfortable at night, then the result is a painful morning. So, make sure you invest in the right mattress. It is not easy to purchase the perfect mattress as there are many options available in the market. Here, we will discuss the different mattress and their advantages that help you in choosing the suitable one for you.

    Memory Foam Mattress:

    They are the top-rated...

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  • Spring Mattress: What makes them all-time favorite mattress for the consumer?

    Posted by Ashish Gupta

    Springfit Spring Mattress

    Health is Wealth! We believe to stay fit we must eat nutritious food and exercise daily. However, we often ignore the truth, that sleep is important to have a healthy life. According to recent research, sleep contributes to health and wellbeing, for sound sleep a good mattress is a must. So what’s better than a spring mattress preferred by a large segment of consumers.

    Springfit sleep fit stay fit girl jogging image

     What is Spring Mattress?

    Spring mattresses: (also known as coil mattress) are popular mattresses made of spring wrapped in fabric....

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    Posted by Jatinder Rana

    Sprucing your dwelling is akin to seeking your happiness perhaps. Everyone has a different tendency of prettifying their bedrooms. After all, a bedroom is the locus of all your thoughts and goals, inspirations and aspirations, relax and romance. It is indispensable to keep the energy of your bedroom high. In order to raise the bars of positive vigor inside your living space, it is very substantial to practice Feng Shui. ‘Feng’ and ‘Shui’ are two Chinese words which mean ‘Wind’ and ‘Water’ respectively. It is very statutory to maintain the equilibrium of these two nature’s fundamental elements. This...

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  • Keep Good sleep Hygiene to stay healthy

    Posted by Harshit Gupta

     In order to stay healthy, it is imperative to maintain good sleep hygiene. Your number of sleep hours, lifestyle habits, and your sleeping accessories play a crucial role to maintain good sleep hygiene.

    When you sleep sufficiently, your brain removes toxic proteins from neurons. So when you deprive yourself from the necessary hours of sleep, the toxic proteins stay in your brain and hamper your thinking process.

    Sleeplessness for a long duration is linked to a variety of health problems including Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Heart Disease, and Obesity. Also, you feel stressed easily because the body releases stress...

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