Synthetic Latex Vs Organic Latex Which Is Superior

Synthetic Latex Vs Organic Latex Which Is Superior

When it comes to selecting the best mattress in India, latex mattresses stand out as a great choice. It is the newest form of mattress type known for its resilience and comfort. Latex Mattresses come in a variety of types; organic, natural, synthetic and blended, each offering a different level of comfort and support.

Though, not all mattresses are the same; some are better than others, while others are not that good. Mostly synthetic and Organic Latex Mattresses are most debated about, due to the huge difference in their value, price and benefits. 

But are they really different? And if so, which one is better? 

Let’s find out!!

Synthetic Latex- Made by using various chemicals and petrochemical compounds, it is a less expensive and non-natural form of latex. It looks the same as organic or natural latexes and offers a substantial degree of comfort and support to make it an ideal sleep solution. Due to its production process, it is dense and firm and lasts for a long time. 


Cost-effective sleep solution: It is made from affordable and easily accessible materials and chemicals like petrochemicals. Unlike natural latex, its production process is more streamlined and efficient. 

Synthetic materials can be produced in larger quantities and with more consistency, reducing costs associated with variability in natural materials. Also, its production process doesn’t take much effort or human involvement, making it further easier and cheaper to make and affordable. 

Durability: It is a durable material that’s resistant to pressure and sagging. It can maintain its shape, firmness and form for a long period, offering good endurance and support. 

Synthetic Latex


Chemical Use and Odor Emission: As we discussed, synthetic latex is made from petrochemicals, and contains various chemicals, such as styrene and butadiene. These chemicals emit a bad chemical-like odour and off gas, which could mix into the environment and get into your system with air. It could cause allergic reactions or sensitivities in some individuals and can lead to other health issues as well.

Less Breathability: When you look at the design of the synthetic latex, it also has small pores all over its form which allows airflow. However it absorbs and retains heat, warm up and becomes uncomfortable to sleep on.

Environmental Impact: It is made of petroleum-based compounds that are neither eco-friendly nor biodegradable. When disposed of, it remains in the landfills for years and years, emitting harmful gasses into the environment. It poses a danger to the environment and has a significant environmental footprint.

Organic Latex: It is made from natural rubber sap and it goes through minimal processing to preserve its inherent qualities. Free from harmful chemicals, flame retardants, and synthetic additives, organic latex offers a healthy sleep experience. Even the rubber trees are farmed organically, ensuring no pesticides or chemicals are used throughout the entire process. 

This commitment to organic practices extends to the production stage as well, with GOLS overseeing both farming and manufacturing to guarantee the utmost safety and organic integrity.


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

As this kind of latex is made from natural rubber sap and hardly has any additive or synthetic components in it, it is easy on nature and is relatively low-impact on the environment. Unlike polyurethane or synthetic foams, organic latex is biodegradable, meaning it will eventually decompose naturally when disposed of properly. 

Natural Latex Mattress


These mattresses are highly durable and can last for a longer period with proper care. It has a natural buoyancy and flexibility that enables it to slowly return to its original shape and form. They resist sagging and impressions better than many other types of mattresses. Hence lasting longer than its substitutes. 

Comfort and Support: Organic latex is a naturally springy material, it conforms to your body’s curves offering excellent pressure relief and support for your spine. Depending on the construction, latex offers targeted support for pressure points like shoulder, back, hips and legs. It offers a great degree of motion isolation that ensures you and your partner sleep well and undisturbed. 

Allergy Relief 

These mattresses are an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies. It is naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew. Plus it is hypoallergenic, chemical-free and does not off-gas harmful fumes that could harm you or trigger allergic reactions, ensuring a healthier sleeping experience.  

Temperature Regulation

It has small pores that let the air flow freely through the mattress, preventing heat absorption or trapping. Its enhanced breathability moisture-wicking properties, and natural cooling effects help further regulate temperature. It keeps the sleeping surface cool and dry while maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the night.


Cost: Organic latex can be costlier than regular foam mattresses since it is made using natural materials, sustainable farming methods, and an organic production process. Justifiably so! The sap from hundreds of trees is collected to make one sheet, which requires a lot of labour and time from many individuals. The procedure takes longer and requires more energy when fertilisers and pesticides are not used. Thus making its mattresses more expensive than others. 

Heavy in Weight: It is heavier than other types of foams. It is made from a high-density material which isn’t processed much, keeping its initial weight intact. Due to its weight, it can be difficult to move or adjust. 

Which latex mattress is Superior; Synthetic or Organic

Given the production process, use of material, benefits and drawbacks it becomes easy to comprehend which of these two mattresses is better. But to do that, you need to be mindful of your requirements, preferences and needs. If you prefer something less costly and less beneficial to the environment, synthetic latex is for you. But if you are ardent about protecting nature, and sustainable practices, and don’t mind a little higher price tag, the organic latex mattress is the best option. 

organic latex mattress

So refer to the details, facts and factors mentioned above and make your choice. Whatever you choose, at Springfit we have the right mattress for you. We also offer a range of mattresses, including memory foam, pocket springs, Bonnell springs and many more. 

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