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Why they are the best Orthopedic Mattress in India?

The most neglected factor in health is our sleep. A case of severe lower back pain can hinder your daily life routine. It is suggested that you choose your mattress wisely, as correct mattress not only helps to keep your body relaxed but can make a lot of difference to support your back. It is most important to choose a mattress which will give proper back support and prevent a bad back.


Being careless about your lower back pain can occur at a severe scale and will eventually immobilize you, therefore choose the right mattress beforehand. Correctly manufactured mattress gives back supports, keep your hip and back in one line and head at a favorable position so that less stress is put on the spine and the muscles around the area. Generally, back pain happens when you sleep on a too soft mattress as when you lie down on the soft mattress your body sinks and your muscles work overtime keeping your body straight.

A correct choice of mattress should be made keeping in mind your age, physique and type of work you do. For example;

  1. If your work has more physical attributes then your back muscles are you can opt for on a medium firm/hard mattress and get comfort.
  2. For people who have more of a desk job and have less physical activities, they are recommended to use a firmer mattress for their back muscles due to the fact that muscles become weak over time and will require more support to avoid a bad back.
  3. For elderly people, a firmer mattress is always recommended because their back muscles tire off easily and need more support. A firmer / hard mattress will help them relax better.

Springfit Mattress gives various options to suit your specific need. Choosing the right orthopedic mattress can be a daunting task. Whether you are suffering from Joint, neck, hip back pain, muscle pain, or have similar conditions you will need to try the Springfit’s orthopedic mattress which is best in order to get a good night’s sleep.

Check with your doctor:

He or she may not be an expert on mattresses but is aware of your particular medical condition and thus will offer some valuable advice on what kind of mattress would suit you best.

Check the comfort and support of the product:

An excellent orthopedic mattress will be a hard or medium hard mattress. Spend at least 15 to 20 minutes relaxing on the mattress, turn and twist and try to get into the position where you usually wake up in the morning.

A Too hard mattress does not make a good orthopedic mattress:

Often people are misled to believe that the hard a mattress are always better the support. While a hard mattress may suit very limited people, it may cause more problems than curing your body as too hard mattress reduces contact pressure on the sensitive and painful joints, making it bad mattress for your health. Springfit Mattress and Sleep system have a dedicated team to research more on the human body and the sleep pattern as continuously thrive to make India’s #1 Orthopedic mattress.

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4 products