Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket coil are the most famous type of innerspring component inside mattress available worldwide. Pocket coils also known as Pocket Springs, Wrapped Coils, Encased springs and Marshal Springs are springs wrapped individually in a cylindrical fabric sleeve.

These sleeves are either stitched or glued simultaneously to create a string of individual springs that are connected together. They are great at preventing movement between sleepers and will enable far greater support. Sleeper using pocket coil mattress get adequate independent support by each pocket spring.


Here are advantages of a good Pocket Spring Mattress:

Individualized Support, No-partner disturbance & Rolling effect

Pocket springs move independently allowing individual support and follows the contours of your body. These effects decrease the rate of motion transfer to almost very little to none. Springfit’s Pocket Coil mattresses are made to order to comply with individual comfort and proves to be the best in segment of complete motion free sleep.

Another benefit of Springfit’s pocketed coils is that they narrow down the rolling effect. Rolling effect generally means rolling together in center, rolling towards a heavier partner or rolling off the bed.

Tension Matters When Designing a Pocket Coil Mattress

Pocket Spring tension is generally referred as soft, medium and firm/hard feel or comfort. Individual sleeves made of pockets coils helps in adjusting the tension to the pocket coils for optimum and precise comfort. This enables the manufacturer to decide the tension from

softer or firmer depending according to the customer or the market preference. There is a lot the degree of customization available for pocket spring mattress as the mattress will react to how body is moving — that’s the beauty of pocketed coils. You can choose the level of mattress support depending on your tastes or requirements.

Comfort and Luxury

Optimum level cushioning and plushness of luxurious padding gives the softness as well as support to weary bodies that crave relaxation at the end of the day. These indulgent beautifully crafted mattress, creates a sleek and elegant design. These luxury mattresses ease and comfort the body and please the eyes.

Pocket springs are the foundation of Springfit’s high-quality mattresses. Pocket springs also has tendency to increase breathability and prevents heat build-up. With proper implementation of comfort layers, air vents and placement of pocket unit a pocket spring in a mattress helps mattress to breath properly and providing adequate air flow thorough out the night.

Springfit’s Pocket Coil uses special elements in the steel forging process that adds greater durability to the metal when formed into a spring. It also has a low oxidization value which means it will not corrode as quickly as other metals, resulting to no rust springs for years.

Pocket coils have tendency to react to pressure independently instead of all together, which minimizes movement and allows more better feel. Unlike Bonnell springs, Pocket coils are not connected with hard wire together and act on their own.

This means that it applies pressure to individual pocket spring coils that are being pressed down will react. This approach allows the individual pocket coil mattress to contour to your body better and doesn’t transfer motion as much as a traditional innerspring mattress.

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4 products