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How Do You Make Bedding Look Luxurious For Your Hotels

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The hospitality industry’s primary goal is to provide their guests ultimate experience and that includes providing them with the best. From food for service and clean rooms to luxurious mattresses and bedding. That is why elite Hotel Bed are done with quality bedding.

But to ensure that these beddings look luxurious and feel comfortable, you need to make sure that they stay in top condition all the time.

Here’s how you can do that.

Before you go ahead and start on the bedding, invest in Premium Quality Hotel Mattresses.

A mattress is an important part of the bed and it provides the comfort that guests just love to sink into. But as different types of individuals sleep on it, the mattress has to be most comfortable.  Therefore, invest in high-grade mattresses, made of quality materials like memory foam, latex and pocketed spring construction. All of these materials are adaptive, supportive and durable. They mould the individuals’ body shape and contour to provide a personalised feel. Also consider other factors like mattresses’ height, size and firmness.

Use soft | crisp linens

To make the bed luxurious, cover the bed with clean, elegant, and soft-to-feel linens. Made of high-quality fabric such as cotton or linen. These materials are known for their softness, durability, breathability and all-season comfort. Choose fabrics that have a higher thread count, about 300 or more thread count. A higher thread count fabric indicates the quality of the weave, smooth texture and softness.

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And, as for the colour, always go for crisp white. Almost every hotel uses white linens on the bed. Because it looks fresh, elegant and inviting, exudes luxury and sophistication and goes with every theme and décor.

Enhance the comfort Layer up

Making a comfortable mattress involves not just putting together bedding but layering it in a manner that ensures maximum comfort. The complete bedding used in hotel suites includes sheets, covers, duvets, comforters, pillows and cushions. Each of these elements serves a purpose, for example, properly tucked sheets make a bed neat and cosy, pillows add plushness and duvets and blankets provide warmth. It is also important to arrange them properly and neatly. So, whenever guests enter the room, they feel welcomed and comfortable.

To properly arrange the beds, start with the sheets and tuck them neat and tight so it doesn’t move around. Put a duvet or comforter on the bed’s foot. Whenever guests need it, they can just unfold it to use. Put the pillows and throw in some decorative cushions to add that extra coziness, comfort and style.

High-quality pillows for comfort

It is critical to ensure that guests are completely comfortable. Give them at least four different types, shapes, sizes, and loft pillow alternatives. It allows the visitor to choose whichever pillow they desire.

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Some people prefer to sleep without a pillow, while others use one or more. So it's best to let the guest make their own decision. It increases comfort and makes the sleeping experience more pleasant. Use high-quality materials such as memory foam and fibres to provide plushness and support. Also, keep the pillows in good condition, fluff them every day and replace them when necessary.

Attention to detail

When it comes to giving your guests a memorable sleep experience, every small detail counts. Make sure that the bed is not just comfy but looks great as well. Clean the bed, change the linen and coverings, fluff the pillows and arrange all of that in a clean and tidy manner. A messy and untidy bed looks slept on and no guests appreciate that.

To create an appealing image, make sure every bedding item is clean, pressed, and arranged neatly. Tuck the bed sheets tightly, fold the duvet and comforter and arrange them at the foot of the bed.

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Regular Maintenance

Normally in households, people wash linens and covers once a week but for hotels that’s not enough. Regular maintenance of hotel room beds involves taking care of it regularly. Tidy up the bed, change the bedding and covers and replace old ones with new and fresh ones. Make sure the bedding not only looks clean but also smells clean and fresh. Spilt drinks, food, perspiration, etc. can make the bed smell and if not cleaned well it retains. So take extra care in maintenance to offer a hygienic sleep experience.


Hospitality is a service-based business that depends on the guest’s experience. If the guests are happy then the business is healthy. Thus, providing your guests with a luxurious, comfortable and memorable experience is important. Investing in premium hotel mattresses and bedding, keeping them well-maintained and invitingly arranging them does the trick. When the guests find the beds neat, fresh, and comfortable, every moment spent on them adds to the positive experience.

As a leading hotel mattress manufacturer, we take great pride in creating the most comfortable and sophisticated mattresses. Contact us to know how we can create an unforgettable sleep experience for your guests.