Mattress Edge Support: Top Benefits For Your Sleep Health

Mattress Edge Support: Top Benefits For Your Sleep Health

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night scared of falling out of bed? Or did you actually tumble off? For a little while, it may appear hilarious, and you may also have a good laugh. However, it can be a major issue, particularly for children, the elderly, or people suffering from ailments. This occurs because your mattress lacks adequate backing on the edges to prevent roll-off.

Mattresses without sufficient edge support may sag, collapse, or lose shape over time, especially around the edges. Leading to an uneven sleeping surface, which can be uncomfortable and reduce the useable area. It may also increase the chance of accidents, such as rolling off the bed or experiencing instability while getting in and out of bed.

What is Edge Support?

Edge support is the structural reinforcement and stability provided along a mattress's edges. It is a feature designed to improve the mattress's longevity, comfort, and safety, particularly around the periphery where people often sit or sleep.

A variety of materials and techniques, such as firmer foams, reinforced coils, or other supportive materials, are employed to reinforce the edges.

Top Benefits of Edge Support

Provides Even Support Across The Surface

Edge support ensures that the entire bed surface is continuously supported, whether in the middle or at the edge. Some mattresses are designed to provide support solely in the core and around it, leaving the edges unsupported. As a result, resting near the borders provides less back support and may make it difficult to become comfortable. Sleeping on such a mattress exposes you to back pain, pressure point formation, and joint strain. It interferes with your sleep and may cause spine problems and chronic back pain.

However, if your mattress is constructed with reinforced edges, your back and body are supported well, which helps with spinal alignment and eliminates pressure points. It also assures the structural integrity of the mattress and that its firmness extends consistently from the centre to the perimeters. As a result, whether you sleep in the middle or on the edges, you will receive the same level of support.

Prevents Premature Sagging

Sagging is a major cause of mattresses’ wear and tear, especially along the edges where people regularly sit or climb in and out of bed. This sinking might cause an uneven sleeping surface as well as pain and discomfort. The gradual weakening of foam materials is another element that contributes to "mattress sagging." Each night, the persistent pressure from the sleeper's body leads the foam to lose its resilience and sustenance, resulting in uneven surfaces and decreased stability.

Investing in a mattress with robust edges, on the other hand, can help prevent premature drooping and compression. As the reinforced edges absorb pressure and retain the mattress’s shape over time, promoting a more durable and supportive sleeping experience.

Provide Enhanced Stability & Comfort

Edge support contributes to uniform stability and comfort. It provides you with additional sleeping space, allowing you to sleep more easily without bumping into your companion or tumbling off the bed. The mattress stays stable, doesn’t form bumps and You can turn or switch positions as you please.

The uniformity stabilises the bed and keeps it from feeling unsteady when you sit or sleep on the edge. As a result, you can sleep or sit comfortably while being supported and comfy. In short, edge support lets you get the most out of your mattress while ensuring continuous support, making it a must-have feature for seniors. As they frequently sit on the edges or lie close to the ends for easy access, necessitating greater stability in those regions.

Reduces Roll-Off Feeling

During sleep, we often unconsciously shift positions and roll around to get comfortable. If your mattress lacks proper support, especially around the edges, you might experience the unpleasant sensation of almost rolling off the bed. Given our limited control over movements during sleep, mattresses with sagging edges can pose a safety hazard.

On the other hand, mattresses with good sturdy perimeters significantly reduce the risk of feeling like you might roll off when sleeping. This ensures a secure and comfortable sleep environment, providing you with the peace of mind to rest without worries.

Provides More Sleeping Area

Mattresses with properly supported edges let you use the entire bed surface without being restricted to just the centre part. The enforcement makes the edges as supportive and comfortable as the entire mattress. For those who share a bed with a partner or their children, edge support ensures that both individuals can enjoy the entire sleeping surface without feeling crowded toward the middle. This promotes a more restful and undisturbed sleep experience.

Offers Sitting Comfort

You will note that the mattress does not sag too much beneath your weight while sitting on the edges if it has adequate support. This stability prevents you from feeling as if you're about to slide or tumble down, providing you with a sense of security. It also creates a level and hard surface around the mattress's perimeter. It prevents sinking or compression, and provides a stable and comfy seating area, whether you're sitting on the edge to put your shoes on or simply relaxing before bedtime.

Long-Term Comfort & Durability

It not only makes the perimeter of your mattress as strong as the rest of the surface but also ensures that it lasts longer and remains durable. One of the reasons a mattress may lack comfort and wear out sooner than it should is a lack of edge support. Because there is no support, you are forced to use only the central part, putting unneeded and excessive weight and strain on that area. Creating compression and crates, resulting in premature wear and tear.

However, if your mattress has a built-in uniform support system, you have more space to sleep on; you can lay down near the edges and comfortably sit on the sides without hurting the mattress structure.  And, as long as the mattress's structure is intact, it will continue to deliver additional comfort and support over time, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Reducing Wear on the Core

Excellent edge support uniformly distributes your weight across the bed surface, including the middle and edges. This uniform weight distribution reduces stress on the mattress's basic components, such as the coils or foam layers, lowering the chance of early wear and tear.

Moreover, it prevents compression around the mattress's edges, where repetitive sitting or getting on and off the bed can cause severe wear. The extra support and resilience keep the mattress's borders from becoming overly compressed, extending its overall lifespan.

Helps Retain Shape

Properly supported edges help to maintain the structure, prevent premature sagging, and maintain the natural shape and form of the mattress, resulting in a more consistent and comfortable sleep experience.

We all sit on the side of the bed a lot, placing too much weight and pressure on it. This can gradually degrade the mattress's shape, contour and structure, causing it to droop and compress on the edges. It jeopardises comfort and durability. This makes your bed look appalling and distorted; it causes you pain and shortens the life of the mattress.


Edge support offers a multitude of benefits that greatly contribute to your overall sleep health and comfort. By providing a strong and stable perimeter, it prevents the feeling of instability when sitting or lying on the bed edges, ensuring a secure and worry-free sleep experience. This feature is particularly valuable for the elderly, who often rely on the edges for easy access and need the added stability in those areas. Hence, you can fully utilize the entire sleeping surface, maximizing the usable area and enjoying consistent support throughout the night.

Furthermore, edge support plays a crucial role in preventing premature sagging and wear, extending the lifespan of your mattress and preserving its original shape. Reducing the risk of rolling off the bed, promotes safety and minimizes the likelihood of potential accidents during sleep. Moreover, the enhanced comfort and undisturbed sleep result in improved spinal alignment, better circulation, and reduced aches and pains.

When choosing a mattress, it is essential to prioritize edge support to reap these remarkable benefits. Invest in a high quality mattress with robust edge support, preferably from a quality brand, like Springfit. Check out the springfit mattress collection online, or get in contact with our sleep experts for additional support.