How To Choose The Right Mattress Firmness

How To Choose The Right Mattress Firmness

How to Choose the Right Mattress Firmness

Do you ever feel like you are sinking into the bed, or sleeping on a cold and hard floor? If so, your mattress might not be the right one for you. It's either too soft or too hard and instead of providing comfort, it’s making it difficult to sleep comfortably. And you need to Buy Best Mattresses that offer the right firmness; not too soft or too hard.

The firmness of mattresses is one of the most important factors that you need to get right. If not then you are in for longer nights, literally!

When you are looking for mattresses, you will find many options to choose from, from extra soft to soft and medium to extra firm. Making it hard to pick the right one according to your body and needs can be tricky.

With these simple tips, however, you can choose the right firmness for maximum comfort.

  • Know your sleeping style, aka your sleep position

It is of utter importance that you know your sleeping position because every individual sleeps differently. Some people like to lie on their stomachs, some on their back, and others on their side. And because different sections or parts of your body bear the most pressure in each of these positions, you need to buy mattresses that help distribute the pressure and allow you to rest well.

If you lie mostly on your side, which is the most common Sleeping Position, choose a soft to medium mattress. In this position, your body’s weight is primarily focused on your shoulders and hips. So, a bed that relieves pressure on those areas, and provides enough give to sink slightly into the bed is the best option. A soft to medium mattress can do it well, by promoting better spine alignment and preventing discomfort and pain.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your back is a healthier and recommended position. However, in this position, you may experience some discomfort if the bed is too soft or hard. For this position, medium to firm mattresses are an ideal option. As it provides enough support for proper spine alignment while also providing enough contouring to be comfortable.

And, for a stomach sleeper, a firmer option is a better option than any other. Generally, this sleeping position is not recommended by professionals, because it causes strain on the lower back and neck area. A firm surface prevents you from sinking into the bed and prevents lower back and neck strain while supporting your body in a neutral position. This ensures you are sleeping better and more comfortably.

  • Consider your body weight

You need to prepare your bed according to your body weight. How much you weigh can affect your Choice of Mattresses greatly. If you are someone on the heavier side, you should pick- firmer option. It will prevent sinking, and distribute your weight for more comfort and better support. On the other hand, if you are a light or average-weight person, a softer mattress might be more comfortable. It will support your body and give you contouring comfort.

  • Analyse different firmness levels

Firmness Levels

Mattresses come with various firmness options, from soft to medium and from medium firm to extra firm. Each of these options is better for different individuals with different body weights, sleeping habits and requirements. So, you need to try different firmness options to get an idea of which is more comfortable for you. For starting you can get an idea with your existing bed.

  • Consider your health

When you are choosing your mattress’ firmness, consider your health as well. The wrong mattresses can worsen your back pain and pressure points. If you are someone suffering from back pain, lower back pain or spine-related issues an unsupportive bed can worsen the situation. If you have severe back pain, spine issues, cervical or some other issues, do consider those issues and consult your doctor.

  • Look for idea support and cushioning

The primary function of your bed is to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support for relaxing sleep. Thus, your bed must be most comfortable for you. Buy a mattress that provides the balance of both firm support and cushioning.

  • When in doubt, choose Dual Comfort

If you are unable to find a comfortable mattress that meets your needs and requirements, then there is a solution for you as well—a dual comfort mattress. Dual comfort or dual-sided mattress provide two levels of firmness. Generally, one side has a firmer surface, while the other has a softer feel. So, you can choose whichever side is more comfortable for you.

Choose Dual Comfort Mattress

And later on, if you need a softer or firmer surface, you can flip the mattresses for a new-like feel. Rotating and flipping on a regular basis distribute wear and pressure evenly. It prolongs your mattress’ life by preventing wear.


Choosing the right mattress can make a huge difference in your sleep experience. By offering the required plushness, comfort and support it relieves the pressure and pain, improves your spine health and helps you sleep better. That is why whenever you are buying mattresses, you need to make sure they provide ideal comfort.

Thus select the appropriate mattress firmness according to your preference, body weight and health issues. Considering these factors will help you make an informed decision that ensures refreshing sleep. Moreover, you can also check out our collection to find the mattresses of your dreams and consult our sleep experts for any mattress or sleep-required query.