Feng Shui For Your Bedroom

Sprucing your dwelling is akin to seeking your happiness perhaps. Everyone has a different tendency of prettifying their bedrooms. After all, a bedroom is the locus of all your thoughts and goals, inspirations and aspirations, relax and romance. It is indispensable to keep the energy of your bedroom high. In order to raise the bars of positive vigor inside your living space, it is very substantial to practice Feng Shui. ‘Feng’ and ‘Shui’ are two Chinese words which mean ‘Wind’ and ‘Water’ respectively. It is very statutory to maintain the equilibrium of these two nature’s fundamental elements. This will clinch that you have a crisp and unfaded substratum on which you can build your bedroom's life force energy.

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How To Amplify Feng Shui In Your Bedroom?

1. To Amplify, First Simplify: It is mandatory to remove all the clutter from your bedroom and considering it as a first baby step towards following Feng Shui. Thinking of great ideas while sitting around a mess is like searching for peace in a noisy market. Organizing your bedroom in a proper manner can amplify the concentration of positive vibes in your life humongously.

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2. Paint The Walls By Warm And Soft Colors: Colors are very vital part of our day to day life. Right from choosing the right color to wear to choosing the color of your bedroom walls are quite very essential. Every color has a different wavelength corresponding to a different sort of energy. This energy helps you in creating a constructive path for your future endeavors.

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3. Fill Your Room With Natural Light: Presence of sunlight in your bedroom can add a leap of positivity and faith in your life. It will bring back your lost confidence and decision making capacity. Always have your bedroom architecture done in such a manner that allows the penetration of natural light through window and its uniform distribution across the room.

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4. Arrange Your Furniture In A Symmetrical Manner: In practicing Feng Shui, the arrangement of all the types of Bed furniture present in your bedroom should be in such a way that no clutter will come in your gaze. If you are moving your gaze from one corner to other then the bed and other furniture should be aligned in a symmetrical manner so that it looks beautiful and smart both at the same time.
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5. Put Your Loved Belonging In Your Bedroom: Create a space in the bedroom for the things that matter to you very much. It can be some healthy plants, fresh flowers, lamps, crystals, mirrors or any modern painting. Gazing at your favorite things will lift and circulate energy. It is particularly helpful to place these energy boosters in the corners of rooms where generally energy tends to stagnate.

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So get going to traverses the equilibrium between yin and yang. Perceive the feel of blending in promoting the transmission of what we generally call good energy against bad energy of Feng Shui. To conclude, always consider while applying Feng Shui philosophy such as order, neatness and zeal that comes from your environment.