6 Tips to Take Care of Your Spring Mattress

6 Tips to Take Care of Your Spring Mattress

Take Care of Your Spring Mattress

A mattress is a big investment that we make for Good Sleep and health. However, taking care of your mattress can be even more challenging. Because while sleeping we shed skin, dandruff, hairs and skin oil on the mattress. And apart from that, the mattress also collects dust and food crumbs, and absorbs spillage and sweat, making it a breeding ground and home for various types of germs and pests. But these care instructions can help to take care of your innerspring mattress & pocket spring mattress and increase their life.

Provide Adequate Support For Your Mattress

Use an even and strong bed base to keep your mattress in good shape and prevent sagging and drooping. Because, like our bodies, our Spring Mattresses also require a solid support base. If it does not receive balanced support, the springs will fail to offer you the necessary support and will wear out sooner than they should. So, choose a sturdy bed base or frame with appropriate centre support to prevent slumping.

Adequate Support For Your Mattress

There are various types of bed bases and frames available to support various Types Of Mattresses, such as a Divan bed base, flat platform bed, slatted bed, box spring or foundation bed, or adjustable bed. However, for both Pocket spring and Bonnell spring mattresses, the best-suited bed is a box spring or foundation bed because spring mattresses can be rather heavy, requiring a bed that can handle the mattress weight and does not easily break. A platform bed, in addition to a box spring bed, is an also excellent bed base option.

Use a Good Quality Mattress Protector

Use a Mattress Protector to protect your mattress from dust, sweat, liquid spillage, food crumbs, or anything else. A mattress absorbs all of these insides, resulting in filthy, unsanitary bedding full of dust mites, bacteria, microbes and various pests. And if it all gets into the mattress then there is no way to clean it from the inside. You can clean the outside of your mattress, but the inside will remain dirty and full of unpleasant dirt and germs.

Mattress Protector

However, using a protector can prevent that. A mattress protector is a removable piece of bedding that fits on top of or encases the mattress and prevents any dirt, moisture, and food particles from entering. And if liquid or anything else falls on top of your mattress protector, you can simply clean it by wiping it off or washing it off like you would your bed linens. Using a protector can help keep your mattress clean and sanitary and make them last longer.

Wash Your Bed Sheet Regularly

Although you cannot wash your mattress, you can regularly wash your bed sheet and bed covers. A Bed Sheet covers your mattress and serves as the first line of defence against stains and spills. So, make sure to wash your bed sheets on a regular basis. Once a week is good but you should wash your bed sheets more frequently if you have pets or children, because they bring many types of dirt and things to bed.

Wash Your Bed Sheet Regularly

If you spill something on your bed, remove your bed sheet as quickly as possible so that it does not infiltrate the fibres and reach the mattress. Washing your regular bed sheet is simple; just use water and detergent to get them clean and fresh again. However, some fabrics need extra care and must be hand washed or require professional cleaning or dry cleaning. So make sure to check the cleaning instructions specific to your bed sheet fabric.

Rotate Your Mattress Often

Rotate Your Mattress

Rotating the mattress is one of the best ways to extend its life and keep it from sagging. This entails shifting it from the head to the foot of your bed - from top to bottom. This will not only keep it from wearing down in any particular area, but it will also prevent depression and help extend its life. Rotate your mattress at least every three months, or every six months if you have a thick and heavy mattress. You can also flip the mattress if you have a flip or dual-side mattress. This will allow the worn side to recover and return to its original condition.

Don’t Fold & Bend Your Mattress

We try to be extremely careful with the mattress while it is new, but after it is inside our home for a while, we don't offer it the same care. However, to ensure that your Spring Mattress lasts longer and remains in good shape, never bend or fold it.

Don’t Fold & Bend Your Mattress

Folding or bending it can cause spring damage and foam breakage. So, whether you're changing sheets or moving your mattress, lift it carefully from the side without bending it. Also, keep your children from jumping on the bed, since this might cause the springs to wear out earlier than they should.

Refer to the Mattress Care Guidelines

Mattress Care Guidelines

Every mattress comes with "how to care" instructions. These instructions may include how to clean the fabric or remove stains and how to care for covers and sheets and so on. These care tips vary depending on the foam, spring, and fabric. So, while using and maintaining your bed, refer to the label or warranty or guidance and keep those guidelines in mind and follow them. It will extend the life of your mattress and protect it from damage.


Mattress care and maintenance differ depending on the materials used in mattress manufacturing, but some care instructions are universal, such as keeping the mattress clean, using a mattress protector and bed sheets to prevent damage, providing the proper support base, and rotating your mattress every 2-3 months. The lifespan of your mattress is determined by how you use it and the material it is composed of, but following these care tips will help ensure its lifetime and comfortable sleep.

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