Posted by Harshit Gupta

 In order to stay healthy, it is imperative to maintain good sleep hygiene. Your number of sleep hours, lifestyle habits, and your sleeping accessories play a crucial role to maintain good sleep hygiene.

When you sleep sufficiently, your brain removes toxic proteins from neurons. So when you deprive yourself from the necessary hours of sleep, the toxic proteins stay in your brain and hamper your thinking process.

Sleeplessness for a long duration is linked to a variety of health problems including Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Heart Disease, and Obesity. Also, you feel stressed easily because the body releases stress hormones due to sleep deprivation.

Six hours of minimum sleep does wonders to your body and mind. It gives your mind the ability to manage your emotions and ability to stay calm under adverse situations. As a result, you become more competent in your work place.

It is a good habit to stay away from the sleep inducing agents such as Sleeping Pills, Alcohol, Cough Syrups and others. These agents disrupt the natural sleeping process and as a result the brain fails to remove the toxic proteins.

Heavy intake of caffeine often hampers your sleep cycles. It is advisable to have the last cup of caffeine before lunch. It is a powerful stimulant that interferes with sleep by blocking the sleep-inducing agents in the brain.

Avoid gadgets which emit blue light during the night time. The short wavelength of the blue light affects your mood, energy level, and sleep.

Marinating a consistency in your sleep cycle and more specifically in your wakeup time helps you extensively to increase your level of concentration and energy.

Meditation, undisturbed sleep, appropriate sleeping accessories help you get the good sleep at night.

There is nothing worth catching up during nights apart from sleep.

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