Choose The Best Pillow For Perfect Sleep

Choose The Best Pillow For Perfect Sleep

Best Pillow For Perfect Sleep

Did you know your pillow has a big impact on your health and sleep quality?

Yes! Your pillow. If your pillow is old, lumpy or of poor quality, you might have trouble getting comfortable sleep or regularly wake up with a headache or neck pain. It can even aggravate issues like cervical pain. If your pillow is a few years old and you don't have frequent neck or shoulder pain, it's probably fine. But if you do have chronic neck or shoulder pain, it's worth it to spend the money to replace it.

However, buying a good pillow can be a difficult task. Because there are so many Pillow options available in so many categories.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 pillows that will improve your sleep quality and keep your neck and shoulders straight. Each pillow is made of high-quality materials and is the best possible pillow option in the price range. This list includes the pillows from least expensive to most expensive.

Springfit Silico Pillow

Springfit Silico Pillow

This pillow is for those who need a good quality pillow on a budget. Which makes this the first on our list of the best pillows. Silico Pillow is composed of Silico fibre and a premium quality fabric with a peach finish. This is one of the most economical pillows with the best quality on the market, and it is designed to provide ideal sleep as well as full neck, head, and shoulder support, alignment, and comfort. This pillow comes in a size of 17x27-inch, which is perfect for an average adult.

Main Features- This pillow has active cores that encourage hyperventilation and enhanced airflow. Its temperature regulation helps you to sleep at a comfortable temperature. This pillow has anti-allergic and anti-microbe properties, this pillow inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew, and dust mites. This pillow is appropriate for everyone and is great for a good night's sleep.

Best suited for:  Springfit Silico Pillow is ideal for kids, youngsters or people who don’t have any neck-related problems. But the people who are older or have chronic neck or shoulder pain, cervical or arthritis are recommended not to use this pillow.

Premium Micro Pillow

One pillow that embodies all the best features and comes with a little price tag. This Premium Micro Pillow is the most purchased pillow of Springfit. People believe cotton to be the softest and best for pillow filling. But this pillow is made of Microfiber which is even better than cotton. Microfiber is known as the world’s finest textile fibre. Microfibre is also highly durable and this helps to make the pillow last longer than the normal cotton pillow. On the outside, it has layers of anti-allergic high-grade cotton fabric, which makes it soft, breathable and comfortable. This pillow comes in a size of 17x27-inch.

Springfit Premium Micro Pillow

Main Features- Its microfiber filling gives this pillow a feather-like feel and gives you a comfortable sleep This pillow has anti-allergic and anti-microbe properties, this pillow inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew, and dust mites. Its cotton fabric makes this pillow 100% breathable. This pillow provides the optimum degree of the neck and head support.

Best suited for:This pillow is ideal for youngsters, teenagers, and individuals who do not suffer from neck pain. This pillow is breathable and anti-allergic, making it an excellent alternative for those who suffer from allergic reactions and breathing issues.

Springfit Super Fibre Pillow

Super Fibre Pillow

Springfit Super Fibre Pillow is a contemporary, one-of-a-kind pillow made of high-quality Micro suede Anti-Bacterial fabric. This pillow is composed of gelled microfiber, which provides excellent ventilation and airflow for a cool and comfortable sleep and full head and shoulder support. It has active cores for hyperventilation, so you get increased airflow and a pleasant temperature while sleeping. The pillow's special features significantly limit the possibility of mildew and dust mites. This quality cushion is 17x27 in size and provides complete support.

Main Features- Its components make this pillow a compatible pillow option for all seasons. Its gelled microfiber helps to provide optimum neck support. This pillow has properties that prevent the growth of microbes and dust allergens. This pillow is super soft and provides optimal comfort.

Best suited for:  The Super Fibre Pillow is an excellent choice for those who require neck support as well as optimum breathability and ventilation. Because of its gelled microfibers, this pillow is also suitable for those who sweat excessively or have a high body temperature.

Slim Chill Pillow

The Springfit’s Slim Chill Pillow is made of Cool Gel Memory foam. It is a special type of material which mould and conform to neck shape accordingly to provide customized support and comfort for your neck. The cool gel memory foam is covered with ISO cool fabric which makes this pillow a soft, Comfortable and cool resting option. This fabric is Anti-bacterial and Anti- Fungal and stays cool, fresh and hygienic.

Springfit Slim Chill Pillow

Main Features- The slim chill pillow is highly ventilated, meaning you get the proper ventilation to sleep comfortably. This pillow has inbuilt anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties. It has a 360° cooling system that prevents the pillow from heating up and provides cool and comfortable support for your neck and shoulder. This pillow is perfect for people having neck pain.

Best suited forSlim chill is an excellent alternative for people who require a high amount of neck support, sweat profusely, or have a high body temperature and require a cool pillow. This pillow is highly ventilated, breathable and anti-allergic, making it a good choice for anyone who has allergic reactions or respiratory problems.

Springfit Contour Medic Pillow

Contour Medic Pillow

One of the most premium pillows is the Springfit Contour Medic Pillow. This pillow is made of cool gel memory foam. Memory foam provides the best comfort and support for your neck and shoulder, without being overly soft or firm. The cool gel memory foam with integrated Aero Sleep technology helps to keep the pillow cool and comfortable. This pillow has a covering of breathable knitted fabric so when you sleep on the pillow you have an adequate amount of ventilation. This pillow comes in a size of 14x 24. Contour Medic pillow has a therapeutic design, one side is higher than the other and the middle part of the pillow has a curve. So when you rest your head on it, the pillow contours to your neck and provide customized support.

Main Features- The memory foam in this pillow provides adaptive dynamic support, so your neck gets the space to stay aligned with your spine. Along with the neck, it also keeps your head and shoulder in a natural alignment and helps to alleviate the pain. The breathable knitted fabric helps to control the temperature ventilation of the pillow.

Best suited for:  The Springfit Contour medic Pillow is intended for people who suffer from cervical, arthritic, or chronic neck or shoulder pain, as well as sleepers looking for an adaptive support pillow. The curved shape helps to position your head, neck, and shoulders for a more relaxing and restful sleep.

These are the best 5 pillows for comfort and support, as well as neck, shoulder, and head alignment. Apart from these pillows, Springfit's other pillows offer several distinguishing features that make them a wonderful pick. These pillows compliment Springfit Mattresses, adding aesthetic value to your bedroom while improving your sleep quality.

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Choosing a pillow can be difficult with so many possibilities, but you must eventually choose one pillow that will help you to Sleep Better. There are many different types of pillows on the market, making it difficult to choose the perfect one for you. However, before purchasing a pillow, evaluate what you require: do you require something plush and soft or a hard one, or a pillow to help you relieve neck or shoulder pain? The primary role of every pillow is to help you sleep better while also alleviating neck and shoulder pain and giving the necessary support for your neck, head, and shoulder. So, before making a purchase, consider pillow size, shape, stuffing, fabric, and, of course, your budget. When you have answers to all of these questions, you can easily select a pillow that suits all of your needs.