How To Keep Your Mattress Clean Always

How To Keep Your Mattress Clean Always

clean your mattress always

Your bedroom is the only place that is most comfortable for you to sleep easily as it has been designed and adjusted to your requirements and is familiar to you. The same goes for your bed, this is why many people—even when their mattress is old and worn off— are reluctant to change or upgrade it. Though, as years progress your bedding accumulates dust, dirt, sweat, fluids and so much more allowing various types of germs, microbes and pests to grow. This leads to premature damage to your Mattress and it can also affect your health and sleep. To prevent this, it is essential and required to keep your bedding clean and hygienic. However, keeping your mattress clean and hygienic can be difficult, as it cannot be washed or cleaned from the inside and cleaning it from the outside is insufficient. To solve this problem, we've compiled a list of solutions :

1. Avoid eating or drinking in bed

A mattress is not like a table or a couch, where you may dust and wipe away dust with a moist cloth. If you eat or drink on it, you are bound to get crumbs, spillage, and stains on your mattress. Food crumbs and any liquids that have dropped on the bed will be quickly absorbed and permeate through the layers of foam, which cannot be eliminated with simple vacuuming or regular cleaning from the outside and inside of the bed. It will also leave unpleasant stains as you are unable to wash your mattress and the stain will most likely stay. Although it may be tempting to eat on your bed, it’s best to make a habit of avoiding food and drink on it.

clean your mattress

2. Don’t let your pet on the bed

Pets are wonderful to have since they are friendly and fun to play with. However, no matter how well-cared for or well-behaved they are, they tend to carry a lot of viruses and germs with them. If you have a pet, you may have noticed that your cat or dog has made its way into your bed at some point. And because they like to touch, bite, and lick everything and everything, as well as often run in and out of the house, they are prone to carrying a lot of germs with them, which they might bring into your bed. All of these can make your bed dirty and full of unnoticeable germs and dirt, which can make you and your loved ones sick. Pets also have a habit of shaking off their hair and fur, which can stick to your mattress and be damaging to your health. So keep your pets away from your bedroom to keep pet hair, germs, and dirt away.

3. Keep your feet clean

It's a simple and effective way to keep your bed fairly tidy. When climbing into bed, you must not drag dirt and grime with your feet. Our feet are the only part of our body that make direct touch with the ground, and as we move around, they become filthy. And if you go to bed with dirty feet, it will all end up on your bed, stick to it, and eventually get inside your bedding. So, before going to bed, clean and wash your feet properly.

4. Change and clean your bedding regularly

Your bed sheet and linens are the first items to come into contact with your body and the objects that fall on it. Although you cannot wash or fully clean your mattress, you may clean and wash the bedding you use on top of it, especially your bed sheets, covers, and pillow covers. Washing these is quite easy; you may wash them at home anytime you want or have them professionally cleaned.

clean your bedding regularly

We recommend changing and washing your bed sheet and bed cover once a week, and changing and washing the rest of your bedding, such as your duvet, comforter, and Blankets, every 3-4 weeks. This will keep your bed clean and fresh and help you Sleep Better. Though, adhere to the care and wash instructions for better results and keep your bedding in better condition.

5. Move, rotate and flip your mattress

When a mattress is placed on a bed, it is rarely moved, rotated, or flipped. And, because it is motionless for a longer amount of time, dirt and dust may accumulate in and around it, giving germs and viruses lots of room to flourish and spread. This can cause allergies, breathing problems, and even worsened asthma or sleep apnea.

move rotate and flip your mattress

To avoid this, rotate and reposition your Mattress every 3-4 months, and flip it, if feasible. While doing so, brush the dirt and dust off the bed and beneath & around the mattress, and if possible, vacuum it. Rotating and flipping your mattress also keeps it from sagging or sinking in one location, allowing it to last longer and be more comfortable and supportive.

6. Use a waterproof mattress protector

A Mattress Protector is essential for preventing dirt, grime, liquid, bodily fluids, and accidents from damaging your mattress. Protectors are made of a layer of plastic-like film that prevents liquid from passing through and reaching the bed. As a result, even if you accidentally spill liquid, food, dirt, or anything else it will not reach your bed and will keep it safe, clean, and protected. These protectors also have a top layer of soft fabric that wicks away liquid while remaining soft to the touch and comfortable to sleep on. Furthermore, a protector is easy to use and clean and quite affordable too. So use a waterproof protector to keep it clean and to extend your mattress’s life.

waterproof mattress protector

There are numerous options available both online and offline and selecting the best one can be difficult. To avoid having to search through a large number of options, simply click on the link to buy Springfit mattress protectors. It is the best on the market with so many benefits and it lives up to its name by keeping your mattress safe and clean.

7. Ensure microbes control

These are all ideas for keeping your mattress clean on the exterior, but there is one approach that may help keep it clean on the inside as well. That is built-in properties that keep dust, filth, and potentially harmful bacteria and microbes at bay. Such products are offered by Springfit. To prevent microorganisms and their growth, Springfit Mattresses are made with the best materials and technology, such as CertiGuard. It also features Aero Sleep Technology, which keeps the mattresses well-ventilated, airy, and clean. Rather than purchasing a mattress that does not provide all of these benefits and later regretting it, buy best mattress online in India from Springfit and have a sound sleep every night.

Mattresses are one of the most significant aspects of our sleeping environment. If it is not clean, it has several negative consequences on our health. Many individuals suffer from asthma, allergies, and other skin disorders as a result of unclean beds. As a result, it is critical to keep your mattress clean, so it lasts as long as possible and provides you with the finest night's sleep possible. Use the tips above to keep your mattress clean and to get a good night's sleep. Every single night.