Aero Sleep Technology

Better sleep means feeling happier, healthier and better rested. By improving Mental and Physical Health, a good night’s sleep plays an inevitable role in leading a healthy lifestyle. Improper rest, commonly known as a sleep disorder tends to have a negative effect on stress resistance, eating habits and physical condition of the body. Excessive daytime fatigue, poor memory, irritability, weight problems and lack of energy may also be symptoms of chronic insomnia or a real medical sleep disorder which needs the immediate attention of a doctor.
Presenting Springfit Mattress with Aero Sleep technology and temperature regulating properties, which has a keen focus on providing the most comfortable sleep one can get. Thanks to its exclusive, transcendent, open-cellular and sustainable system that provides the best ventilation and comfort in its league.

Aero Sleep Technology offers less resistance in a dry condition and in a wet condition, the attributing value increases, as the result asphyxiation level is exceptionally low in mattresses with Aero Sleep Technology. Mattresses lead heat away from the body up to 34% faster than a normal mattress. The innovative technology that drives our product development is based on scientific research and guarantees optimal hygiene and comfort, resulting in comfortable, healthy and better sleep with optimum support to give you 6-hour of complete sleep.