Spring Mattress: What Makes Them All-Time Favorite Mattress For The Consumer?

Spring Mattress: What Makes Them All-Time Favorite Mattress For The Consumer?

Spring Mattresses

Health is Wealth! We believe to stay fit we must eat nutritious food and exercise daily. However, we often ignore the truth, that sleep is important to have a healthy life. According to recent research, sleep contributes to health and wellbeing, for sound sleep a good Mattress is a must. So what’s better than a Spring Mattress preferred by a large segment of consumers.

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 What is Spring Mattress?

Spring mattresses: (also known as coil mattress) are popular mattresses made of spring wrapped in fabric. They are one of the most economical and popular Mattresses as compared to the other mattresses. Spring mattresses are in the market from a long time, and any new technology introduced in these mattresses have a high chance of being accepted by the people compared to other mattresses.

This mattress is highly beneficial, for people with the back ailments or for those with the heavyweight. Spring mattresses are strong, long-lasting and provide excellent support.

How Spring Mattress constructed? 

What makes spring mattress different from other foam mattress is the layer of coils of changing density in the center. These provide the majority structure to the spring mattress, besides the bounce and support. There are many elements that can impact on the feel of the mattress like the spring type, the number of springs, the gauge (thickness) of the metal which make the spring and how they connect to each other.

The coils are wrapped in a foam layer with different upholstery to add comfort. The core of a spring mattress is “support layer” while upholstery is the “comfort layer”. Upholstery layer is made of three segments: insulator, middle upholstery, and Quilt. Insulator keeps a core of mattress in place and which is made of fiber or mesh. Middle upholstery is a layer of foam or fiber pads and the third layer is a quilt made of fabric, it decides a feel on a mattress. 

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There are two types of spring mattresses:

Pocket Spring Mattresses: (also known as Pocket coils, Wrapped Coils, Encased springs and Marshal Springs). A pocket Spring is a case made of cloths that encases a wire spring. These cases are stitched or glued together, to make a length of individual springs that are connected. The number of pocket springs varies from approx. 300 to around 10,000. Pocket spring mattress is one of the high-quality mattresses in the market.

This design allows pocket spring mattress for added contour and pressure point relief than earlier spring mattress models.

In most of the spring mattresses, there is a layer of latex or memory foam above the pocket coil array, so that the person get both the advantage of contouring foam and the comfort of pocket spring.

Advantages of Pocket Spring Mattress:

Zero Partner Disturbance Technology:  Even if two persons are sharing the same Bed, then these mattresses will give them appropriate support. Another benefit of the spring mattress is that it eliminates the roll- together and roll-off effect between you and your partner. So people with far more weight difference can sleep on the same mattress as this can adjust according to the body contour and provide excellent support.

This feature makes these mattresses less prone to motion transfer and more convenient to sleep without being disturbed by your partner.

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Best Choice of Tensions: There are many kinds of tension available for the pocket spring mattresses. Some of them are: soft, medium and firm. You can select the tension you want based on how your body will react. With pocket spring, you no more have to worry about the backaches and can sleep peacefully. Pocket Spring Mattress is long-lasting, sturdy and economical. Its durability paves ways for extended, lasting effect; therefore, you can use it for lots of years.

Bonnell Spring Mattress: (also known as open-coil spring mattress). Bonnell coil is in an hourglass shape and is self-tied or knotted with a mesh of metal to make the spring system. There are many steel springs embedded in this mattress with each other through the helical wire which provide a complete formation of the mattress.

Bonnell mattress has many specific functions like these mattresses are produced by using the best raw material and ensure good body support; it provides enough space for free and easy movement. Bonnell spring mattress is the most traditional spring system and is the better option if you want to shop on a budget or purchasing it for guest rooms, etc.

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Advantages of Bonnell Spring Mattress: 

Well Ventilated and Cool: ventilation helps the mattress to get less affected by an increasing station for molds and other bugs. Bonnell Spring Mattress  also prevents the accumulation of body heat and provide comfortable sleep.

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Health Problem: Several people suffer from back neck pain these days and mostly doctor recommends the replacement of an old mattress. However, If you are using, Bonnell Spring Mattress then you can easily keep a check on this health problem, as these mattresses hold the body posture in the proper way and distribute the same pressure to your body nerves.

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Why Spring Mattress Considered The Best Mattress?

The best thing about using a spring mattress is that it is made from natural materials that allow for good air flow. Spring Mattress also helps in reduce sweating while sleep.

Both types of spring mattresses (Pocket and Bonnell) are affordable and comfortable. These mattresses are soft, usually covered with luxurious fabric which gives it a rich and fashionable look.

The best thing about these mattresses is that it is easily available in your nearest store. You can also search them online in an e-commerce store that sells this mattress. you can also get them customized as per your requirement.

Some mattresses are also available in double-sided foam so that one side is used in winter and other during summer. Spring mattress can be used up to 10 years before needing a replacement.

For a relaxed and restful sleep, buy spring mattress (pocket or Bonnell spring mattress). select the one suitable for your body. Springfit offers you the best mattress, for more choices, please visit Springfit Mattress Collection and buy mattress according to your requirements.