How to Get Your Bedroom Ready for Winter

How to Get Your Bedroom Ready for Winter

Bedroom ready for winter

Winters are the season of sleeping snuggled in warm, plush, fuzzy and thick blankets and quilts, making this season favourite of many. With winter just around the corner, people have started upgrading wardrobes and buying winter clothes. Along with that, preparing the bedroom to get the most comfortable sleep in winter has begun as well. However, India, as a diverse country, has a variety of seasons. Some regions of the country are warmer than others, while others, such as the north and the upper part of India, are cooler. Thus, it is vital that you prepare your room for winter appropriately. To get things started, here are our top seven tips for getting your bedroom winter-ready.

1. Keep the heat & warmth inside

The cold winter days are approaching, and with cold weather, it is tough to keep your house and bedroom warm. There are, however, various options to do such. To begin, keep your windows closed during winter evenings, nights, and early mornings, or when the temperature is cooler, so that cold air does not enter the home. If you leave your bedroom windows open, it will be difficult to retain the warm air inside. In fact, you'll end up with cold breezes flowing in from the windows, making it difficult to have a decent night's sleep or even stay in that room.

Just like closing the window, you have to make sure that you have thicker curtains and window drapes. It will not only keep the heat inside but it will also keep the cold air outside. Thicker drapes and curtains also help to keep outside light from getting inside your room.

Sunlight in your room

2. Let the sunlight in your room

Aside from upgrading your bedding and drapes, allowing sunlight to enter your room can also help to keep your bedroom warm. During the hours of daylight, you can open your windows and leave the curtains open. This will let sunshine enter the room and warm it up. It is also the most effective method for removing muskiness and wetness from any place.Furthermore, sitting in the sun in the cold is rather pleasant. So, whenever possible, open your windows to allow natural light into your home and bedroom, and soak up the sunlight. Remember to close your windows and curtains as soon as the sun goes down to keep the chilly air out of your home.

3. Warm up your room with a room heater

Fans, air coolers, and air conditioners are used to keep our house and rooms cool and pleasant while Preparing Bedrooms For Summer and to have a better sleep in warmer weather. Similarly, in the winter, you may use air heaters and space heaters to heat your home, particularly your bedroom.

Room Heater

Heaters are an excellent and easiest way to drive the cold away and make your home warm and cosy. It comes in a variety of types to choose from and is easy to use. Using a room heater even for a shorter period can warm your room space and help you sleep better.

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4. Keep your floor covered with rugs & carpet

Because of the lower temperatures, the floor of your home becomes colder throughout the winter. Even with socks on, walking on a chilly floor can be distressing and painful. Furthermore, if you have children at home, it becomes more worrying because kids often walk, sit, and play on the floor. A cold floor might also make it difficult for your home to warm up. Thus, it is required to cover your home and bedroom floors with rugs or carpets. It absorbs and insulates cold temperatures, making your floor warm and more comfortable to walk on. Another advantage is that carpets and rugs boost the visual value of your house by adding a dash of colour and design to your home décor and interior.

Floor covered with rugs and carpet

Choose a thicker carpet or rug while shopping as they offer more space between your feet and the floor and insulate better than thinner rugs. So, the floor will remain warm and comfortable.

5. Get warmer & plush bed sheets

The bed is the biggest and most crucial component of a bedroom. It is the place where you sleep or rest at night. Thus, it is essential to make your bed comfortable, especially in the winter. Because in the winter, your bed sheets stay chilly throughout the day, especially if you have cooler bed linens, and when you lie down on your bed, it feels cold and may take extra minutes to warm up. This might interfere with your sleep or can make it hard to fall asleep in the first place. To avoid this, choose thick and soft bed sheets made of flannel, cotton, fleece, etc. It will assist to keep your bed comfy and warm, allowing you to sleep well.

Flannel is a soft, warm, sturdy and cosy fabric that makes it a great fabric choice for colder weather. It is breathable and can retain heat as well so you can stay warm.

Bed Sheets

Cotton is one of the best and most versatile fabrics that are suitable for every season, be it heated and humid summers or chilly and dry winters. Cotton reacts to temperatures and provides the best comfort. It is breathable, natural and even good for sensitive skin.

Fleece is a thick, stretchy fabric that absorbs heat and aids in temperature regulation. This is one of the softest, plushest, and warmest fabrics available, making it ideal for winter sleeping. This is why fleece is used in so many cold outerwear.

6. Layer your bedding

In the winter, some individuals use extra-thick blankets, which may feel comfortable and toasty for a time but may feel warmer than necessary after sleeping in them for hours. On the other hand, you will feel cold if you sleep under a thin blanket, quilt or comforter. Layer your bedding with the best Sleep Accessories to avoid this and get the most comfortable sleep possible.Not only layering your bedding will keep you warm, but it will also save you from getting too hot. For more warmth, add layers of blankets, quilts, duvets and comforters; for less warmth, remove some of them and sleep comfortably. Start layering your bedding, by adding warm bed sheets and progressing to blankets and comforters or quilts as you prefer.  

Get Quality Blankets And Quilt

7. Get quality blankets & quilt

Winter is a season of cold weather, but it is also a time to look forward to getting cosy sleep thanks to thick and plush blankets and quits. It goes without saying that a blanket, quilt and comforters are the most significant element of the winter season. But if your blankets and quilts are not warm enough you may feel less than comfortable. If you have an old, worn-out blanket or quilt, it's time to get rid of it since it's probably not cosy anymore. Hence, getting thick, warm, and High Quality Blankets is necessary to sleep soundly in cold weather. Your sleep quality is critical to your health and well-being. Don't allow a thin blanket to keep you awake at night. Invest in the Best Quilts, comforters, and blankets, and you will have a better night's sleep and feel better all day.

Parting Words

The winter season is nearly upon us! As the seasons change, most people are prepared to winterize their homes. In colder weather, it might be difficult to keep your house and bedroom warm and cosy. However, with appropriate upgrades and alterations such as the use of some external support such as heaters and natural methods such as sunlight, you can prepare your bedroom for winter. Also getting the right bedding and sleep accessories is necessary, and for that, you can check out our sleep accessories collection. And if you need help choosing the same then you can contact our Sleep Experts as well.